Day #182: Home Renovations

With the new year, I always find that people are starting over. Whether this be with weight-loss, personal goals and even with home improving. My friend Sheri just bought a new house and she is in full-blown home renovation mode. Which makes me want to re-do my house!! The biggest room in need of a make-over is my full bathroom. I took down the wallpaper 2 years ago when I bought the house. And that's it. I have yet to find inspiration on what I want the bathroom to look like!
The second biggest need is my basement. It's not finished at all. And it's currently the place where the litter box is located so it's dark, damp and smells like cat pee. But it's where my washer and dryer are located so ideally I would like at least a laundry room!

Where do I look for inspiration? Pinterest!

Source: bhg.com via Chelsea on Pinterest

If only money grew on trees...


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  1. I fall more in love with that third bathroom every time I see it. It's just so simple and perfect!

  2. Ahhh clean beautiful laundry rooms. I love them!

  3. That grey bathroom makes me want to use that color palette for my bedroom!

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