Day #186: Holiday Vox Box

I was super excited when Influenster notified me that I would be receiving their Holiday Vox Box! It was my first Vox Box and it was awesome!

So, what came in the Vox Box? First, my top 2 faves: the Goody QuikStyle Brush and the NYC New York Color Liquid Lip-shine. I received the half-round Goody brush, which is designed with microfiber bristles that removes water while you style your hair. It works and combined with my awesome hair-dryer that Misikko sent me...I love doing my hair!

Second, the NYC lip shine in nude. I love it. I love nude lip gloss so this was definitely me. I wear it all the time and when it runs out, I will be spending the $2.49 to buy a new one (reasonable, right?!).

I also received the Kiss Nail Dress. It's an easy kit that involves peeling, applying and shaping...which makes doing your nails an easy task! I liked the jewel design I was sent, but being a nurse...it wasn't practical. Definitely didn't last long in my line of work!

Next, I received Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal in Apple Walnut. I haven't tried it yet because I'm not a huge fan of Oatmeal. Another thing I received that I am hesitant to try is EBOOST Natural Energy powder in Acai Pomegranate. All you do is add water. However, flavored water and me...yuck.

I also received Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask in Chocolat. I love face masks and am actually excited to try this, but I haven't yet. Not sure why! Lazy I guess?

The Vox Box also included a $25 off code for Sole Society. They have SUPER cute shoes. And though I was trying to not buy a pair... I couldn't help myself. The shoes are reasonably priced from $50-$80. I got these cute heels for $24.95 (with the $25 off code).


Anyways, you can benefit from the $25 off code too!! Just use INFLUENSTER25 to get $25 off your first pair of shoes from Sole Society. This expires January 31, so hurry!!

Meet this month's awesome sponsor!


  1. I loved my Holiday box too! The brush and gloss were also my favorites! I still need to hurry up and use my sole society credit! The ones you picked are so cute!



  2. Cute shoes! I keep seeing everyone with that brush and I haven't heard a bad thing yet, so I guess I'll just need to go out and get one!

  3. I got the box too! The nails are so not practical for anyone. LOL. Although they are super cute :)


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