Day #188: Campus Book Rentals

As a college student, buying textbooks is one of the most taxing and expensive parts about attending school. How can ONE book cost so much money? This semester I bought five books and spent almost $500. And I will likely sell them back at the end of the semester and receive maybe $150 for them. 

Ridiculous? I agree.

So, what are other options for college students? One I have found is a website called Campus Book Rentals. You can rent your textbooks from this site for 40-90% off bookstore prices. Campus Book Rentals offers free shipping both ways. 

For example, my book "Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research" (yes, it is just as boring as it sounds. Just sayin'.) cost me $107.35 brand-new. Used it would have costed me $80.50. Campus Book Rentals rents it for $55.45...which is 50% of the cost.

My issue and skepticism about renting textbooks came from my love for highlighters. I love highlighting in textbooks...for some reason it helps me remember the information. Anyways, if you are like me and love highlighting...guess what? No problem! Campus Book Rentals lets you highlight in their books!

Another awesome program from this company is called Rentback. Rentback is new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students. Why is this awesome? By renting my books, I could make two times more money than I do when I sell back at the end of the semester! 
Ah-mazing. Here's a video to teach you more about Rentback.com:

Okay, class (ha, get it?), let's review the perks of renting from this company:

Now, what is Operation Smile? Operation Smile is an amazing organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families can't afford it. These surgeries improve these kids quality of life. With each textbook rented, Campus Book Rental donates a portion to Operation Smile.

Well, hopefully this provides some insight into other options for all you college students out there! But don't take my word for it...go find out for yourself!

Campus Book Rentals
Disclosure: I was compensated by Campus Book Rentals for writing this post, however, all opinions are my own.

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