Day #191: Having a good week!

One. I made lots of new jewelry! I just need to add them to my Etsy shop! wee!

Two. My animals are cute. Adorbs.

Three. I won two $10 Sephora gift cards! wee!

Four. I am involved in lots of giveaways. Visit the top right corner to enter them!

Five. I made something with my sewing machine! It's not the highest of quality but I made it all by myself!

Truth be told, this week was pretty good! We got a new garbage disposal. Not something I felt like throwing money down for, however, ours was broke and we put off replacing it for 4 months. Our new one is much better and QUIET! Bob tore apart the other one and found that a penny got jammed in it. Really? A penny? Ugh, whatever. I am happy with the upgrade.

I had a decent work week. Monday was crazy busy. We had 3 cardiac arrest come in, and we got back 2/3. We had lots of sick patients, but I like helping people who actually need it. Today was even better, I felt like a decent nurse. It wasn't as crazy busy like it normally is for me and I felt like I actually took good care of people. 

That's a good feeling for a change.

Also, I got 100% on my first discussion board assignment. My professor wrote that I am a good writer and made good use of citations and references. Hm. 

I hope you all are having a good week as well!

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  1. That sounds like a great week! Reading about your daily nursing adventures gets me more and more excited about becoming a RN.

    P.S. I am definitely not coming from any of the links {just thought you should know haha}

  2. Hey! Can you tell me the name of the font you used for the word "and" in your header image? Thanks!

  3. Oh Congratz for your Sephora cards :) I am having super weekend as today is an important religious day :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. I love your jewelry! So cute! Congrats on the win, what a great week!


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