Day #194: My Brain is Fried. Chicken fried.

Working 12 hour shifts, multiple days in a row completely fries my brain.
I am exhausted, so pardon me, if this post is boring or random or makes zero sense.

This weekend really wasn't terrible, not particularly crazy or anything. Just long and I am so tired. And I work today...7-7. There was lots of sick patients, mixed in with flu patients, mixed in with people who absolutely did not need emergency services. But I guess that gives me job security right?

This might seem random. But I can't tell you how many times a patient or a family member screams at me because I took someone back before them. This even happens, when I pull an unresponsive person from a vehicle and run them back into the department. I will come back to triage, only to get crabbed at because I took them back first.


Heh, sorry couldn't help it. Anyways, enough of this. My brain is completely off today. So, hope you enjoyed today's random ramblings! Tune in tomorrow for the announcement of my January sponsor giveaway!!!

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  1. DO you work at a large hospital? Our hospital has a huge sign letting everyone know you're treating in order of severity.

  2. I like the dino sign. That should be at every hospital because some people just dont get it. Hope you get to relax soon!


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