Day #199: Goals, Wish-list and 30% Ad Spaces

Hi friends! I hope your weekends all going well! Here is my monthly goals and wish-list for February:

One. White Lace Drape Back Top
Two. Hooded Cardi Coats
Three. ELLE Ruffle Lace Cardigan
Four. Canon Rebel T3
There you have it, my monthly goals and wish-list...What are your goals and wish-list??


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  1. I need clothes so badly... I just can't stand buying them anymore. LOL. Shoes on the other hand...

  2. Thanks for linking up your monthly goals and good luck. I need to save up some money AND add some new items to my shop as well. I will have to but that on my to do list. Thanks for the reminder.

    I'd love a new camera. My Rebel is almost 10 years old. Still works great, but I wouldn't mind a new one.

  3. I want a new canon so bad! I have a rebel xt, that is around 6 yrs old. It still works, but it's definitely done it's job and it's ready to be retired! My goal was to put $1000 in savings this month (we are saving for a house) and so far I've put in $800. Almost there!

    New follower from the GFC Blog Hop! :)


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