Day #207: Birthday's

Today's post will be kind of short as I am preparing for the benefit we are having for my friend, Sarah. I am happy to report that we hit our $1,000 goal on our online fund!! Thanks everyone who donated! You are all amazing. You can still donate by clicking the link found in my "hello" bar. 

Last night we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday. My mom, dad, Bob, me and my cousins Melissa and Heidi went out to dinner and then came back to my parents house to play Scattegories. It was so much fun! I lost sadly, but it was fun none the less.

The first picture is my cousin offering Bob a piggy back ride. Long story...The second picture is my mom with a shot called a "duck fart". The third picture is of my cousins hiding the duck fart in salsa cups because my mom thought it was gross. The last is of my cousin Melissa and my mom, petting Bob's head like a chia pet. He's thrilled...can you tell?

My mom is ringing her "Give me a drink!" bell. Second, my mom said something inappropriate...but I can't remind what it is now. Bob is looking at me weird because I was laughing hysterically. And last, Scattegories!!!

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  1. cute family! I LOVE scattegories! We play board games all the time with my family, another favorite is Balderdash!

  2. I'm just dropping by too invite you to come and link up. It's my Saturday bloggy takeaway and it only two weeks old so I'm just out drumming up some business.



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