Day #208: The Sarah McCurdy Benefit

The benefit for my friend, Sarah, was a huge success. We served 182 adults and 32 kids, a wonderful spaghetti dinner! We raised around $4500 (not including the online fund) to help Sarah and her family. 

Which is amazing!

It was a great time. Here are some pictures from the event:

 The centerpieces I made and a cute cake that another friend of the family baked. The second picture is of Sarah and her son.

Bob and Carlynn manned the ticket table for the second half of the benefit. I, of course, had to squeeze in for a picture. My friend, Vicki, is holding my friend Sara's cute little girl. There's also a picture of the banquet center as well as a picture me and Bob mixed in.
A few more pictures from around the banquet center. A few more co-wokers of mine, Sheri and DeeAnn, manned the ticket table for the first half.

A reminder: the online donation site will be open until April. If would like to donate still, please do!! She still isn't receiving her short-term disability because they are saying she needs to prove this wasn't a pre-existing condition. What BS.

The Sarah McCurdy Fund

That's all for today folks. I am exhausted! 


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  1. So glad it was a success! Hopefully her STD comes through soon!

  2. Wow that's an amazing effort, glad it went well. Lovely pictures, well wishes to you all!

    Mrs Brown's Thoughts

  3. I am delighted to hear that it was a success!


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