Day #209: 3 Little Hairs.

As I was getting ready for the benefit on Sunday, I was looking at myself in the mirror. And what did I notice? 3 little hairs on my chin.

Seriously? As I plucked the little hairs that plagued my chin, I was thinking to myself about how society views woman as these perfect beings and we aren't supposed to have flaws...and here I was, plucking hair off my chin.
I am part Italian (my maiden name was Manzullo) but aside from a cool last name and a thick head of dark brown hair, I didn't inherit the beautiful traits that people associate with Italian women.

For example, I did NOT inherit olive or brown skin. I am pasty pale. I used to go to the tanner but after I became a nurse, I was way too aware of skin cancer. So, I remain pasty pale. When I try to tan, I burn in patches. 

Also, like most Italians, I have an over abundance of hair. (Probably TMI). I love having a thick, full head of hair. However, I also have chin hairs. Above the lip hairs. Hairs on my big toes. And if I didn't pluck or wax my eyebrows, I would likely almost have a unibrow. And if I don't shave my legs I look like Sasquatch. 

Are there parts of your body that make you feel insecure?

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  1. Tenho sangue italiano também:
    Pellegrinne e Pezzuto lado paterno.
    Facciolla e Trócullos lado materno.Acho que os pelos incomodam em qualquer lugar,até na cabeça,pois o volume do encaracolado...Solidária com você,vamos arrancado....

  2. Oh no! I am part Italian and luckily do not have the curse of tons of hair. I occasionally get the chin hair which is frustrating. I think my stomach size is the only thing that makes me feel insecure. Need to lose some weight {once I am done with nursing school}.

  3. I don't have anything in me except Irish and Polish blood and I also have a full body of hair that is somewhat dark. I use Nair shower power (probably TMI on MY part now) and it works wonders, especially for the arms. I'm not really self conscious about hair, but I do have my share of faults I'd like to change LOL.

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

  4. I get hairs on my chin too. Far to often for my liking.

  5. I am one of those hairy brunettes, too--one of my biggest frustrations is that society expect women to have lots of hair on their heads but no where else. Oh well. I comply with most of it, but I refuse to wax my eyebrows. That's my final stand. :P

  6. I call those hairs my tree stumps! I feel your pain!
    What a great blog! I'm your newest fan from the Nice to Meet You {Blog Hop}!

  7. I think most of us brunettes do, but we're good at hiding it. I get 2 on each of my cheeks and 3 on my chin- and I'm 23! ughhhh. I keep tweezers in the car where the lighting is the most honest to nip them in the bud!

  8. I have hairs that grow out of moles in my neck and this white hair that grows out of my eye lid. They drive me crazy. Plus, since I'm breastfeeding again, I get white hairs growing all over my face. So annoying!


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