Day #211: Good-bye Fast Food.

First, Happy Valentines Day!!

I was raised Catholic, so for many years Ash Wednesday symbolized the beginning of Lent. Which meant the beginning of "no meat" Fridays as well as giving up something for 40 days. While I am no longer a practicing Catholic, my brother convinced to give up the following things for 40 days:

1. BAD fast food (ie fried foods, salty, carbs...the delicious stuff.)
2. Sweets.
3. Baked goods

So, obviously I started this yesterday. And what did one of my co-workers bring in? Some homemade baked goodies.

Plus it was crazy busy, with lots of call-ins. By the time the day was over, I would have punched someone for a candy bar. (Not literally. Well. Maybe half literally.)

My brother says by the end I will no longer crave these foods. We'll see, as these foods compromise a large majority of my diet.

I'm not doing this to lose weight. It's more like I want to prove to myself that I can stay away from crappy foods for 40 days.

We will see how this goes...


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  1. I'm doing low carb for dieting, and it's true...you will lose the craving for carbs once you kick it. But the first week or so can be brutal. Since you're doing it for Lent, you have a loop hole that allows baked potatoes and rice, so I don't know if that makes it easy or worse. You might want to check out a book on South Beach or Sugar Busters to help find good stuff to eat.

  2. Just curious- why not to lose weight? Good luck! After a few days, you won't crave it anymore. I feel for ya the first few days. And you might save money. Maybe? Looking for positives!

  3. Angel and I recently didn't eat any meat or sugary foods whatsoever for 3 weeks--and I felt so good by the end of it! I think it's really great for your body to give it a rest of all of the oh-so-yummy but not very healthy for you foods!

  4. Your brother is right. I gave up soda for Lent during college and I didn't drink it for several years after that because I didn't crave a Mt. Dew or Coke anymore. I still don't like Mt. Dew, although I would kill for a Coke Zero nowadays!

  5. I always give up fast food...it's my weakness! Good luck! Baked goods...now that's a toughie!

  6. You can do that!

    And you know, there are still the Sundays... :)

  7. You're pictures are so cute! :)

    Carbs are my downfall, science has shown that they are just as addictive as nicotine. Crazy right!?!?

    My hubby-to-be & myself are trying to cut out most processed foods in general. Lots of fresh fruit, veggies & brown rice... No red meat or potatoes. It's been almost two months now & we are down almost 30lbs total. :)

    But, I still crave it! lol.


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