Day #212: Friday Top 5

One. I had an awesome time celebrating my mom's birthday on Saturday! We went out to dinner, then played Scattegories. 

Two. The benefit for Sarah was Sunday and it went better than I could have imagined! We raised around $4,500 (not including the $1,000 online). If you are still interested in donating money to help her and her family, you can do so here.

Three. Bob and I got our new glasses today! Sexy Specs!

Four. I received a free jewelry box from Wantable! Tune in next week for a review.

Five. I gave up bad fast food, sweets and baked goods for 40 days. I'm on day 3. Bob made me an egg sandwich on bread decorated with the old english D. Awwwwesome!


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    would be great if you can join my blog hop Friday.
    Have a nice day.


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