Day #213: February Glam Bag

February Glam Bag's theme was "Red Carpet Ready", I am assuming because the Academy Awards are coming up and the Grammy's, yada yada. I'm rambling.

It wasn't my favorite bag, but I still liked it better than any of my Birch Boxes. The bag was black, with red lining. Inside I received:

1. Coastal Scents eyeshadow sample. The sample I received included: dark goldenrod, sunbeam, golden globe, and dark golden olive. I was excited to get another Coastal Scents sample because I absolutely LOVED the first one I received. The eye shadow applies smoothly and lasts most of the day. I highly recommend.
2. Gel Eyeliner by Mica Beauty Truth be told, I have never used a gel eyeliner...so we will see how this goes.

3. Lash Card Used to help avoid smudging and clumping when applying mascara. I have this issue, so I am excited to try these babies out!

4. Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara by POP Beauty I love trying out new mascara, so I was excited to receive this sample. I generally only use black and that's what I received! Along with the mascara, POP offered some mascara applying tips:

POP your skills:
One. Curl lashes as close to the root as possible.
Two. Jiggle the wand from the root to the middle of the lash.
Three. Repeat twice, wait a few seconds in-between, letting each layer dry.
Four. Jiggle 3rd layer all the way to the tip of the lashes.
Six. To reach small and stray lashes – turn the brush vertically and apply.

5. Flawless & Poreless by Pixi This is a face primer to use before you apply your make-up. It promises no-shine and I have to say I like it so far! Although (sorry Pixi!) Mirabella is still my fave. 

Did you enjoy your February Glam Bag?

To learn more about IPSY's Glam Bag, go here.


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  1. I wanna try Glambag so bad and there's a huge waitlist!!

  2. I felt the same way about this bag, it was way better than Birchbox's has been but it was just meh for me. Not that the stuff isn't good it's all awesome stuff, just stuff that I won't use that often. I never use gel eyeliner, I gave the lash cards to my mother-in-law, and I don't use primer. Here's hoping next month's is a lot better, I want some pastel nail polish dang it! lol.

  3. We received the same bag this month :) I love the products but not sure about the shadow colors. I am not a yellow girl.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  4. You got some great things, thanks for sharing the mascara tips!

  5. New reader, I found your blog from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife and I'm so glad I did. LOVE this, too bad I'm on the waitlist but I'll wait. You can't beat all that for $10 a month. Thanks so much for this :).

  6. I tell stories. About me. About my life. About being a mother. A wife. A friend. A working woman. A product consumer. A DIY'er. A child of God. In no particular order.


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