Day #220: Massages

Bob and I went to have a couple's massage last night. 

It was heavenly.
Bob, chillin' before our massages.

However, I couldn't help but notice that a hundred things ran through my mind during the massage. For instance, who started this profession? Who thought that it would be fun to massage people for a living? Strange people for that matter? I couldn't do it. My hands would hurt.

Also, what if the person has backne? OR a really hairy back? Or smells bad? What would you do if the person continuously moaned during the massage? Hello awkward

Or what if you are like my husband and fall asleep, and snore super loudly? What if it's a chick who doesn't believe in shaving? What if the person has super long toenails?

Yes, all those things ran through my mind. As I laid there and attempted not to have a coughing fit. 

Anyways, it felt awesome and I didn't really want it to end. 


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  1. When I get massages I think the same thing! They feel amazing.. But sometimes it is just awkward!

  2. It makes me laugh that you, being a nurse, find the idea of doing a massage therapist's job awkward. :P I'd say that both jobs have some very awkward situations.
    But just yesterday at school we were talking about massage therapy, because some students already have that license or are planning to get it after cosmetology school and we were talking about exactly the same type of awkward situations that you get into!

  3. LOL this is why i don't get massages that and the though of a stranger touching me freaks me out

  4. Hilarious! I always think the same thing when I get massages. I definitely could not be a massage therapist, but I'm very thankful for those who can!

  5. LOL...I have never allowed anyone to give me a massage, because it seems so weird. I would be thinking many of the same things. :)

  6. I love love love massages and I could use one right now. I'm glad you liked yours!

    Harley & Jane


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