Day #227: Month Review and New Goals/Wishlist

For those who are new to the blog, each month I make a goals list and a wish-list. If I meet all of my goals for the month, I reward myself with something from my wish-list. It (sort-of) helps keep me on track.

Okay, so as a reminder here were my February goals:

1. I kind of cleaned the craft room, although it still needs work. However, thanks to help from my husband, the mess the ferrets made is now gone.

2. I put well over $100 into my savings account. Nearly $500.

3. I added lots of items to the Etsy shop! Around 15.

So, I did purchase a DSLR camera, which as you can see was on my wish-list. I got an awesome deal from a man who upgraded to a newer camera. I am in love so far. Used or not, it works excellent!


What are your monthly goals?


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  1. Congrats on completing all your goals this month (especially saving more than you'd set your goal for)and what an awesome treat. I've had my DSLR since 2003 and love, love, love it.

    Good luck with your goals this month and thanking for linking up.

  2. Those are some great goals. I am wondering if I can ask you some question's about having an Etsy shop? I am thinking of doing one myself.

    Jenny @ http://jennylynndesignz.blogspot.com/

  3. That top from torrid is adorable, but $45? Target has some adorable 3/4 sleeve-full sleeve plaid blouses for $24.99. I'm planning on sharing an OOTD this week in one. I loved it so much I went back and got another.

    I'm your newest follower!


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