Day #245: Oh, How Pinteresting!

Does anyone else ever feel like they take two steps forward and then five steps back? That's how I feel.

Yesterday started off great. Bob went on a job interview to be an EKG instructor. The lady really liked him and he is going for a second interview on Friday. It sounds very promising.

Next, we called the IRS and they lowered his monthly payment to a MUCH more reasonable amount. They were actually very nice about it (for once).

Then we got the mail. In the mail was a letter from the Michigan Friend of the Court was a letter requesting a court hearing because since Bob doesn't have a job, obviously his child support was not getting paid. Since he was denied unemployment, the payments were even more delayed. The letters wants his rearers paid in full or he might go to jail for 15-45 days.

I don't understand the logic. They threaten to take your drivers license if you can't pay the monthly payment. They threaten to throw you in jail. It's not easy to find a job to adequately pay your child support, when you don't have a drivers license OR are in jail. So, where is the logic? It's not like he doesn't want to pay it, he doesn't have the means to do it. He's applied for 30+ jobs. Times are tough. Why make them tougher on people?

Anyways, on to Oh, How Pinteresting:

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  1. *This comment isn't directed towards your husband.*

    They have the driver's license/jail option for those who don't pay child support because most people don't see taking care of their child as a priority. They still live their lives while their children do without or they end up being financed by the state through entitlement programs like food stamps. People not paying their child support is an epidemic here in my county. Its sad.

  2. Ya, I totally don't get it at all. Especially if he is trying to find work. You think they would take note that he is making an effort to find something, and is on the verge of possibly getting a job. Best Wishes!


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