Day #253: Tension.

Tension is taking over my back and neck. 
My stress level has continued to rise, which makes me tense my muscles in neck and upper back. I have huge knots. I want this job so badly, my muscles are tight and knotting up. Oui.

My birthday was Tuesday and unfortunately, I spent it at home, with a stomach bug. I didn't feel good when I went to bed on Monday night, and sure enough I woke up around 4am, with nausea and vomiting. Ugh. That is not how I wanted to start my 28th year. Luckily, my husband took good care of me and made me some chicken noodle soup.

Today I took it easy, finished some homework, took a nice long nap, then went out to dinner with my parents and Bob. We even went out for ice cream afterwards. It was a nice night out!

Afterwards, Bob and I rented "Lincoln"...definitely a must-see if you are a history buff! Daniel Day Lewis did an AMAZING job playing Lincoln. Definitely deserved his Oscar win!

Alright, sorry for the uninteresting post but I need to finish up some homework before I go shopping for a good interview outfit!

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  1. Stress is the worst, especially when people tell you to 'just relax' and 'let some things go'. My mom recommended Lincoln too, I may have to go grab it.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I used to work at The Lincoln Museum and have been wanting to see Lincoln...thanks for letting me know it's out!

  3. My husband has a super stressful job and when I can tell he's under a lot of stress I give him a back rub with Tree Hut Brazillian Nut Body Butter and it relaxes him so much it puts him right to sleep. It might be a great investment! :)

  4. the flu on your birthday is no fun! But sounds like you kind of made up for it today. Good luck at the job interview :)

  5. Followed you from your blog host on Shawna's blog!.. I too am a Michigander and live just minutes away from Shawna. Nice to find another Michigan blogger.


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