Day #265: Garlic Chicken Recipe

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A friend of mine recently posted this recipe on Facebook. It looks easy, which is right up my alley so I decided to share with you guys too!! Hopefully, I will make it soon!!

Sorry for the lack of personal posts this week folks! Still waiting to hear about the job and that is where my mind is at. I can't really talk about it on here, so I am distracting myself with recipes, cleaning tips and shopping!! I hope everyone is having a great week!!
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  1. I don't mind the posts... I like a well-rounded blogger!

  2. I made this after I saw it on Pinterest, and it's sooo yummy! AND very easy, so definitely a good recipe!

  3. I second what Rachel said ^^ I've made this recipe too but I used chicken tenders instead of chicken breasts ~ it was absolutely delicious and probably one of the easiest chicken dishes I've made!!

  4. This looks delish. I've made something similar and we all loved it!

  5. Love how you redid your blog! Very cute. Good luck with that job :)


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