Day #282: TGIF.

Happy Friday!

I just got done working a couple day stretch. I was in charge today and it was a decent day! I am off the weekend and it is actually supposed to be nice out and not raining! If I feel ambitious, I might go outside and do yard work.


I have a couple projects to finish up for school and then I am off until August. I took summer classes last year so it will be SO nice to have the summer off! I'm not sure if I will know what to do with myself!!! Does anyone have any good book suggestions for me? I might dust off the ol' Kindle.

The other day my car decided to stall...3 times. I was driving from the post office to the hair salon and every time I stopped at a light, when I pressed the gas to go, the car would stop. The check engine light also came on. Seriously?? I managed to make it to the salon and back home with only slight issues. Bob took it for a spin like an hour later and of course, NOTHING happened AND the check engine light was off. WTF? Well, it is a lease so everything is under warranty and it was fixed without any issue. 

Whew. That's one less money burden for me to worry about! Apparently it was a recalled sensor or something. 

How is your week going?

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