Day #298: Feeling a little like death warmed over.

I had a bad case of mono when I was 23. Ever since I had mono, I seem to get sick with every change of the seasons. And this year, it is no different. I can't stop coughing. My lungs feel like they are burning. I have a fever and a runny nose. I would just like someone to put me out of my misery.

Every time I get sick I'm like:

And also like:

Currently, this is how I feel:

This is how everyone at work looks at me, patients included:

How my husband treats me (so he won't catch my disease):

And really, this is how I feel when I am sick and people try to talk to me:

Me every time I cough or sneeze and almost pee my pants:

When I cough or sneeze and do pee my pants (Yeah, I'm a woman. It happens!):

One day when I wake up and I can breathe, I will be like:

and like:

Does anyone else get sick all the time like me? Ugh.
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  1. Oh you poor thing! (((HUGGING YOU))) I"m so sorry. I usually go through this at Christmas, I know, right?? If I were there, I would get you all the essentials and put them on the TV tray by the couch, and you could watch your fav shows. You would have hot tea with lemon and lots of honey,and homemade Chicken soup. I would cover you up with your fav blanket. and I would say, "Oh you poor thing!" as often as you need to hear it. Then on the evenings as you recuperate, I would put on my PJ'S and we would have hot cocoa with marshmallows and watch chick flicks. Of course, I would fix you a bubble bath and leave fresh PJ'S and fluffy slippers for you when you get out of the bath.

    I hope you were able to rest some. When you are better and can celebrate it, I hope you have a Great Mother's Day!!

  2. Feel better soon! I love this with the gifs :)

  3. I have the same thing! I had mono when I was in my early 20s, too, and I never connected this crap with that...hrmm....I wonder....it could be that it compromised your immune system somehow. Or it could be that something you're exposed to regularly is compromising your immune system (pollens/allergens, diet, etc). Have you seen a doc about it?


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