Day #303: Friday Top Five!

I am slacking on taking pictures for my Friday Top 5 posts! Oopsies!

This week has been decent. I am finally feeling better, although still somewhat congested. Although, I woke up this AM at 4:30 and have been wide awake since. I am hoping for a good day at work!

I saw some tweets about a cool new app called "A Beautiful Mess". It costs 99 cents and it lets you edit pictures by adding cute doodles, words and arrows and such. Here are a couple I made this AM, although my creativity is somewhat lacking compared to some of the cute ones I saw on Pinterest:

Two. I am almost done with Amanda Knox's memoir. So good!! I will review it later next week.

Three. My May Glam Bag was AMAZING!! Tune in tomorrow for the reveal!

Four. Pretty nails...need I say more?

Five. 4.0! Granted I only took 2 classes last semester, I am still proud that I got two A's!

How was your week?

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