Day #320: frustrations.

So, I finally signed up for Mint.com after it was recommended to me by several bloggers. It's a very neat way to see how much you are spending and where, as well as set financial goals for yourself.

Although, seeing how much we are spending and where the money was going, was definitely an eye opening experience. How is it that after almost a year of trying to budget, we are still in the same shape? I started this blog as an outlet from my stressful like of being fat and broke, yet I have made no strides in either department.

Epic. Fail.

So, where are we spending money? Mostly on food. Whether it be eating out or grocery shopping. See, we find recipes we want to try and then go buy groceries. We don't buy groceries in "bulk" loads, like we probably should. Visiting the store to buy groceries multiple times a week definitely adds up the spending.

Then we eat out. After work and school, who wants to cook? Plus, I HATE cleaning the kitchen. It never fails, after we cook the kitchen ends up being a disaster and I definitely don't feel like cleaning. Ugh.

Our savings account has been a roller coaster. Sometimes it has $1000, sometimes it has $5. I can't seem to keep funds in there for very long. Bob's dream job teaching hasn't turned out the way we had hoped. Instead, the school is very unorganized and can't seem to find students for him to teach. So, alas, we are again a one income household.

Which. is. so. frustrating.

Budgeting has never been my forte. I am wondering if it ever will be?

Anyways, if you are seeing a lot of sponsored posts, it's not that I have "sold out", it's that the small amount I do make from those posts, are all being shucked into a savings account that I do not have a debit or ATM card to. So that I can actually save money. So sorry for the sponsored posts, but I am a broke bitch.

I also cancelled my Pop*Sugar Must Have Boxes (which I planned on anyways) and my Glossybox subscription. Now, $25 from every check is being deposited into the savings account, rather than towards subscriptions. I will have the last Glossybox reveal sometime this week!
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  1. I completely understand where you are coming from. My situation is a little different as I am the major budget person but my boyfriend spends frivolously and then bitches about money lol. So I set a budget but it doesn't get followed. Groceries are so expensive and they add up so fast. I have been doing sponsored posts here and there also to bring in extra money. I am your newest follower from the share the love blog hop.

    justina @ www.justinawho.blogspot.com

  2. Meal planning needs to be your friend... also set a limit and stick to it. I NEVER buy snacks or processed foods which has helped my grocery budget greatly!

  3. Hey girl, I totally and completely understand!! I'm so glad I found your blog. I am actually doing a budget series on my blog right now. It might give you some simple ideas you can use. Budgeting is hard on everyone!


  4. I have attempted to budget so many times. I have done it online and in journals (I love journals and composition books lol). I always start out awesome! Then a few days go by and I don't keep up. I just said I needed to start again this month and stick to it soooooo maybe I will and maybe I can. :)

  5. I think food is the biggest money suck for us too! I think it's crazy how much we spend on food for just two people--but it takes a lot of paying attention and intentional decisions about what to buy and what not to buy to make the total come down

  6. Just keep plugging away!! It's all any of us can do these days.

  7. We are doing some cutting back at our house. I am totally like you, I HATE cleaning the kitchen after cooking. I also am not a fan of cooking. My husband does most of it.

    Know you are not alone.

  8. As far as the shopping goes by the family size in meat and when you get home portion it out into zip locs and freeze. You can do this for everything, hamburger, chicken, sausages. It saves me a lot of money and a lot of trips to the store. You can also freeze things like almond milk, bread, and American Singles. Also, go to the thrift store, find a huge mirror/frame and do a chalkboard style on it and turn it into a kitchen menu, plan out the meals for the week instead of randomly finding one on pinterest that morning and then going to the store. Also try always having the basics in your fridge like baking soda/powder, seasonings, flour, vanilla, eggs, cheese, milk, and vinegars. When I first got hooked on pinterest those were the things I needed to buy (not the milk or eggs obviously) because I didnt have any vinegars in my house and I never made things from scratch before so flour was out too.

  9. I'm right there with you, girl! It sounds like you are making good strides though with cancelling subscriptions and stuff. I kind of look at a budget like a diet....if I try to give up all the sweets at once, I totally binge. So just make small adjustments and it will work out.


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