Day #325: I heart HIMYM.

Focus. It's the weekend!!! Woohoo!!

So, every summer when there are no new shows on and I have down time I find shows on Netflix to watch. Therefore, I have been watching How I Met Your Mother. I am currently in the middle of season 4...and I love it!! How could I have NOT watched this show before?!

Barney is my favorite. For sure. Marshall follows in a close second. Mostly because he sings what he does and I do the same. Kindred spirits? Yes, I agree.

Anyways, the family is heading up north today. Have a great weekend!

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  1. My husband and I love HIMYM! I love Barney.

  2. We love that show too! We're planning a trip to Mackinac later this summer. Any tips!

  3. My husband and I watched it all last summer! I could watch it again and again if time allowed!


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