Day #339: Meet Noor!!

I am on a weekend break, so while I am gone I have some bloggers taking my place!!

Hello Chelsea's readers here and there { and anywhere}, I am Noor from Noor's Place . I am a passionate blogger and recently got into blog makeover business { twit twit , blog designs} . So whenever your blog needs a chin-up or a make over , you know who to ask for ;)
I am so happy to be guest posting over here , firstly I would want to let you guys know that I love to talk , much more than you do so I intend to not to make you bore { #ANYHOW }

Since I got into blogosphere , I could be called an average high school goer , who simply loves her laptop & computer diploma way . BUT.... when I became a blogger , things were far too different .
I was an up-to-date insiders of all new trends in summer/winter/rain {thanks to Fblogs} and new products in beauty junkie {thanks Bbloggers} & a lot of tips to get sweet with little kidos {thanks MomBloggers}.
Well these things are too related to real world , woosh let me introduce to "real face of bloggy world" .

Sponsors :
Whenever I get a new sponsor , I shriek over ears and jump around my room . If my real life friend see me , they'll surely think I have gone nuts . But hey , when they don't know this fun , they can't relate so wooops , I am unbeatable because I am a blogger .

Link Ups :
Mum says social interaction is awesome . Yeah she's right . I do social interaction via blog hops . If "common people" hear it , they're not gonna get it . While I am in love with link ups ;)

Followers :
It's a common term , huh? I know everyone else knows followers are who follow you . NOOOO , it's not just simply followers . I adore them so higher . We all do . But I would never like to hear they're "just" followers .

PRs :
There're two PR in bloggy world . One is Page rank which is so techy business { in short , it's your websites Google medal } and second is Product review . People search google for " how's *example* product?" . For them it's just a review . While bloggers know the "business" ;)

Woosh , I guess you're gonna relate . Disclaimer it is for bloggers only , lol ;) And by link ups , I want you to know about our little , new born blog hop called Grab A Friend . I hope you're gonna join it by every Tuesday .
I would love if you're going to visit me and say Hi . I would love to be talking for hours with you , let's be friends ;)
Wanna catch up more? Via down below , you caaannn!

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