Life update

'ello friends. How is everyone's summer so far?

I have been busy acclimating to my new job and my new 5-day a week work schedule. So far, I really like it. I love having a new role that allows me to learn things. It is definitely different though, not working at the bedside. I do miss my co-workers and working with patients. 

Bob also has a new job working the road (he's a paramedic). He is happy and seems to like it so far. It is full time, which will help immensely when it comes to budgeting and paying off credit cards. The only downfall? They won't pay for classes required for his license, such as ACLS/BLS (CPR classes...all medics need both). Let me tell you, those classes are NOT cheap. So, we have to come up with money to pay for those before his expire at the end of the year. I guess the good always comes with the bad, right?

The weekends have consisted of us going up to the lake and spending some much needed time in the sun. I actually have somewhat of a tan. I didn't get a tan at all last summer!!

Anyways, that's all going on here!

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  1. Congrats to Bob on the new job and you on the new role at yours.


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