Throwback Thursday: Chelsea, The College Years

Here's a look back at my college years

Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI

Major: Nursing


During Christmas Break 2005, I went to New Orleans to help clean up and plant trees following Hurricane Katrina. Even a year later, there was tons of destruction down there. And of course, at night, we hit up Bourbon Street.

Me, hugging my bro. He loves me. Can you tell?

Hanging out with my high school friends, Bryan and Ashley, in Windsor, Ontario.  We went there to celebrate his birthday in 2005.

My college BFF's. If you guys read this, I miss you and wish we would have stayed in touch!

Me, at nursing clinical. Ugh. You can see that I look happy and not at all tired. I'm lying, I hated nursing clinical.

My clinical group for med-surg rotation.

Ferris State University
Nursing Class of 2006

And of course, in college I met Brandon!
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  1. Great throwback, and I hope your college pals run across your blog so ya'll can get caught back up.


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