August Wish-List and Goals

Oh, friends. I am failing miserably.

I can not get motivated to get up every morning and work-out. Why could I do this before and now I can't seem to jump on the work-out band wagon. Why can't I get motivated? I want to lose weight. I used to love working out. However, somehow, I can't seem to get up in the mornings and go.

What is wrong with me? Any inspiring words?

So, anyways, here is a recap of my July goals:

Saved $100...but then spent it on a weekend getaway. Success or no?

I lost 5 lbs....and gained it back.

I did not learn any new recipes.

Oh well, here is August's goals:

Now onto the August wish-list:

Two. Light Wash Destructed Denim from Torrid

 photo Untitled_zps1a3147cc.jpg


  1. Don't worry about not completing goals. It's all good! I'm looking forward to seeing what August holds for you, both in goals and in the wish list :)


  2. Love your goals for the month! You will rock them lady! woohoo :)


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