Friday Top 5

It's been awhile since I posted a Friday Top 5. And today's is a little late, however, it's better late than never right?

Honestly, this week has been busy and today I was exhausted. This morning, in my delirious state I went to work in the wrong shoes. I wore my American Eagle clogs instead of my tennis shoes and didn't even realize it until I was walking in. Then I came home and took a 3 hour nap. 

It was glorious.

Anyways, Friday Top 5!!

One. I received my books for this semester!! It's always bittersweet. In a dorky way, I actually enjoy the beginning of the semester. And this semester I am anxious to get over with because I have the professor again who accused me of plagiarism. Ugh.

Two. Isn't this keychain cute? I couldn't resist spending $2 on it.

Three. Yesterday I played croquet with my co-workers. It was so much fun! Except my team lost. Turns out, croquet is harder than it looks!

Four. After croquet, we dealt black jack at Covenant's annual red carpet event. It was super fun! 

Five. While getting ready for work the other day, I looked out from the bathroom and saw Bob and Abbey laying on the bed, looking adorbs. I love them.

How was your week?

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  1. Croquet is hard. I remember playing it many years ago and thought it was going to be so easy. But, it really is hard. I worked my first 40 hour week as a caregiver in an assisted living home. I am getting ready to start school for my CNA in a few weeks. Glad the children get started before I do.


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