Ways to Stay Sane in College

Fall semester starts in exactly 2 weeks. I always have mixed feelings when I start the semester. I am somewhat excited, but mostly I don't want to go back!  I have been enjoying having the summer off...spending time outside, not having to worry about doing homework, writing papers, taking quizzes...ugh.

It's important not to let yourself get bogged down with school. Since I am a serial college student, here are some tips on how to stay sane throughout the semester.

One. Make time for you. Read a book (NOT a textbook), scrapbook, go out with friends...anything you want! It is good to step away from the books once in awhile and have fun.

Two. Exercise. Exercising is a good way to alleviate stress. Plus, it's healthy!

Three. Make a schedule. Between work and school, my house definitely gets neglected, as does my family and animals. It is good to have a schedule to follow, it keeps you on track and organized. I like to work ahead a little bit, especially if I know I have a heavy week coming up. Which brings me to...

Four. Buy a planner. This will keep you organized!! I would die without my planner.

Five. Sleep. Get 8 hours of sleep. This will keep you fresh and ready to take your pile of homework!

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  1. These are also excellent tips for staying sane while working a full-time job (or 3 part-time jobs, or whatever).

  2. Good luck on your new semester! Remember to schedule little rewards for yourself after exams and such :) xo


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