Insanity Day 3: Cardio Power and Resistance

Today's workout went better than yesterday. It was extremely hard, but I managed to get through it with breaks and without vomiting. To me, that is an accomplishment.

Once again the work-out started with 3 rounds of exercises, in which you are supposed to start off slow and speed up by the 3rd round. Uhm, no. I did what I thought was slow, but still by the 3rd round my muscles were screaming at me to stop. Seriously, I can hardly handle the warm-up to the work-out. 

So, for the first interval you do a series of exercises 3 times. The exercises are power jumps, belt kicks, hit the floor and V push-ups. After one round, I was a sweaty mess and ready to lay on the floor in the fetal position. During the second interval, you do 3 rounds of the following: hurdle jumps, globe-jumps, moving push-ups, and floor sprints. And somewhere in there we had to do sitting push-ups. Not sure, but I know my arms hurt.

I was dying.

Then at the end you have to do 8 hop squats, and immediately go into 8 push-ups. Yeah right. At this point, I could barely get off the floor. But then, most of the class couldn't get off the floor. The work-out is about 35-40 minutes long. And I can't lie...it sucks. I will be lucky if I can get dressed tomorrow.

Ok, now to write a paper for school. I hope I have enough stamina to type.

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