Insanity Day 4 & 5

Day 4: Cardio Recovery

I was so worn out yesterday that I forgot to write a post about day 4! Day 4 wasn't terrible. It was still HARD. You think with a word like "recovery" it might be easy...it's not. Day 4 is all about stretching. The music is slower. The moves are slower. But man, is it hard to hold yoga positions. First of all, I can't balance myself. There is a lot of squat positions and a lot of balancing on one leg positions. I definitely felt tired afterwards, but when I woke this morning my legs felt a lot better. This work-out is around 40 minutes.

Day 5: Pure Cardio

I knew when I saw the name "pure cardio" that I was in for trouble. My main focus today was not to faint and/or barf. This work-out was intense. I was able to make it through, again with modifications and breaks, but I didn't pass out or throw-up. When I left sweat was dripping off of me like crazy. 

The work-out starts off with the same warm-up, 3 rounds of the following exercises: jog, jumping jack, Heisman, 123s, butt kicks, high knees and mummy kicks. Once again, before the end of the warm-up I am sweating, starved for oxygen and ready to lay on the floor.

After the warm-up, is 8 minutes of stretches. After the stretchs, Shaun T says something like "I'm nervous for this next part."

Uhm, seriously? You're nervous?! That means I am about to get my ass kicked. 

He should have been nervous. The next part is 15 minutes of ass kicking exercises with no breaks. However, you can break if needed. And I definitely needed to several times. The work-out involves 15 moves, each 1 minute long. The exercises are:

1. Suicide drills
2. Switch kicks
3. Wide football sprints
4. Stance jacks
5. Pedal sprint lunge
6. Hooks and high jump rope
7. Power jacks
8. Level 2 drills
9. Frog jumps
10. Power knees
11. Mountain climbers
12. Ski down
13. Scissor runs
14. Suicide jumps
15. Push-up jacks

These were NO joke. I will say though, the work-out went fast. I think with each move only being 1 minute definitely helped. We seemed to move through each move rather quickly. The work-out is about 38 minutes long.

I have class tomorrow at 8:30 am and then week 1 is officially finished! Woo woo!!! I will say I have done awesome between exercising and changing my diet. I hope I can keep this momentum up! Shaun T says I can.

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  1. I am going to the gym in an hour and that meme is really going to help!

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