The hospital I work for offers wellness programs such as Zumba, Boot Camp, etc. A co-worker of mine convinced me to sign up for 8 weeks of Insanity.

Yes, that's right. Next Monday, I will attend the Insanity Fit Test. Now mind you, I am way out of shape. I haven't exercised on a regular basis for at least 2-3 years. The lady at the wellness center convinced us that we could do it, that the program is tailored to work for everyone. I am reading reviews online that say the opposite, but I am going to trust them since they have been doing this for awhile. 

The bright side is there is 4 of us that are going to do this, so at least we all have each other. When one person doesn't feel like going, there are 3 others making sure she goes. Hopefully we are all successful on this journey...cause it doesn't sound like an easy one!!

Have any of you used the Insanity DVDs? Were you successful?
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  1. My fiance has tried it (last winter) and did it with a group of guys to hold him accountable. They actually stopped early, but could have finished! He said it is very hard, but it will be SO worth it!!

  2. I personally would have went for the Zumba it looks like soooo much fun. I just started doing Pilates, Tae bo, and a Dance workout (I alternate days :) )



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