Rocks Box #6

Back in April or May I read some reviews on blogs about a subscription service called "RocksBox". RocksBox is a jewelry subscription in which you pay $19 a month and you receive 3 high end pieces of jewelry to wear for three months. As a member you can either buy one or all of the pieces of jewelry for a discounted price OR you can send them back and receive three more pieces to buy. It is like "Bag, Borrow or Steal" I think, wear you can rent purses...except you are renting jewelry.

RocksBox sends you an envelope with return postage included to send the box back. Any items you want to purchase, you keep and an invoice is sent. Any items you don't want to buy, you send back and receive 3 new pieces in a few days. 

You can read my past RocksBox reviews here.

Chaplin Bracelet by Gorjana: I liked this bracelet, except it was a little small for my wrists. It fit, but I was afraid if I moved a certain way it would break. Then I would have to buy it...no thanks!

Retail Price: $50.00
Member's Price: $40.00

Wishbone Necklace in Silver by Urban Gem: I love, love, love this necklace! It is simple and dainty. I received several compliments on it. I would buy it, but I think I could find a charm and make the necklace myself for cheaper.

Retail Price: $41.00
Member's Price: $32.80

Giant Drop Earrings in Silver and Blue by Lucas Jack: I liked these earrings too. They are super cute and I love the color. However, I can't justify the price.

Retail Price: $79.00
Member's Price: $63.20

This is definitely one of my favorite boxes so far! What do you think?

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