My Perception of the Insanity Challenge in GIFs

So, last week my friend Patrice came into my office and said we should do the Insanity challenge at work. So, initially I was like:

Then I YouTubed some videos and watched people do the fit test. I saw 5 minutes of running in place, jumping jacks, and high knees and was like, wow that looks intense. Then I'm like:

Then I realized "That is just the warm up" and not even the Fit Test. Yikes. So, now I am like:


So, I continued to watch in horror, as these people did the Fit Test, realizing that this will be me in the class trying to do these moves:

Hopefully, I will prevail and the next time you see me:




So, tomorrow is the weigh in and measurements  I am sure next week I will be kicking myself, but hopefully by the end I will be doing this:

I will be blogging during the experience. As long as I am not too sore to type.

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