Tragedy and loss.

When people talk about religion, often the same theme emerges: "I just can't not believe there isn't something greater out there." People just can't grasp that life is made up of random events, that our decisions are not premeditated or that we aren't living out a pre-made plan, created for us by a higher power. 

So when I hear those words, "I just have to believe there is something greater, that someone created us and is listening to us and has designed our life", I cringe. Because I whole-heartedly disagree.

I am the opposite. I can't live in a world, thinking that there is a higher power filling lives with tragedy. I can't live in a world and think that my 34-year-old cousin died today because "God must have had a plan for her". Really? People can actually look you in the eyes during a time of tragedy and sadness and tell you that their "God" had a better plan? "He" took a mother from her 2 young kids for his plan? "He" took a wife from her husband for his better plan? You know what I would say to this so called "God"? FUCK you. FUCK your plan. If there is a God, which I highly doubt their is, then he a is selfish bastard. 

And if this offends you in some way, then please don't read my blog. Please do NOT try to save me and tell me to find Jesus, because trust me, I gave up that charade a good long time ago.

Missy, I don't know why you were taken from your husband or your kids today. I just know that your family loves you and will miss you. From the time we were kids, hiding from the video camera and swimming at grandpa's, to playing Scattergories at my mom's birthday sleepover this year and hanging out at the cabin...you always made us laugh and filled our hearts with light. Thank-you for being you.

Missy, her husband Bryan and their kids, Brayden and Laney at my wedding.

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  1. This is so sad and I feel the same as you on the topic of religion too. My condolences! x

  2. I'm so so sorry for your loss :( You're right, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs* Take whatever condolences you can, but religious or not, I think everyone can agree that was a tragedy, and a loss, and it hurts, and you have the right to grieve without empty platitudes.


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