A little update

Hello, faithful readers!! Life has been hectic lately, hence my lack of posts. Since taking my new position in June, I now work Monday-Friday, which leaves my weekends for trying to clean, get caught up on laundry, and do homework. Plus, I haven't been feeling very inspired lately. Not entirely sure why- I guess I just needed a break!!

This semester went well, I received an A- in both of my classes, which is good. I now have four classes down and many more to go!! I changed my concentration from Nursing Education to Nursing Administration with an education certificate. I  feel like I am learning more since switching, and it definitely challenges me more, which I am enjoying! Unfortunately though, school doesn't leave much time for things like crafts, blogging and other fun activities! Boo.

I made it through the first half of Insanity and then I quit. It got to be too hard. I want to try it again someday...I really wish I could just find the motivation to get my ass in gear and lose weight. Starting out is the hardest part. Story of my life.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around! I am on Christmas break so hopefully there will be more posts in the next couple weeks! :)

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  1. Great job in your classes! Good luck with all the busy-ness in your life!


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