30 Before 30 (Revamped List)

I turned 29 in March. Twenty-friggin-nine. Which means I will be turning the dirty 30 next year. I'm really not excited about this. I have read multiple articles and books where women discuss their thirties being the best years- you have your life together more so than in your twenties.
I mean, I would like to think in less than year I will have my crap together more so than I do now but I'm not so sure. Anyways, I made a "30 before 30" list (see the blog post here) last March. It needs a little revising however, as some of my goals have changed. Here's the list with the changed goals in bold next to the old one:

1. Lose 100 lbs (unrealistic with less than a year to do this...) Lose 50 lbs
2. Run a 5K
3. Pay off 1/2 our debt (unrealistic...student loans...yikes) Pay off 1/2 our credit debt
4. Have $10,000 in savings (Might be unrealistic...going to try to get as close as possible!)
5. Finish Grad School (Yeah, I won't be graduating until December 2015...so I will be 30...It just won't be before I turn 30)
6. Find a teaching job
7. Go on a honeymoon
8. Finish our bathroom
9. Learn to cook (Better) (I've learned one new recipe...does that count?)
10. Run a successful home (what does this mean?) Revamp a piece of old furniture
11. Write a book (kind over this...writing books...not my thing) Do the color run (5k)
12. Take a sewing class Landscape the front yard
13. Take a photography class
14. Visit Las Vegas
15. Own a DSLR camera
16. Buy a bicycle
17. Learn to french braid
18. Attend a blogging conference (Don't care to anymore...) Attend a nursing conference out of state
19. Gym...3x's/week habit
20. Get another tattoo
21. Get pregnant (discussed with the husband...going to wait to try until he is done with nursing school so, before I'm 32?) Landscape the backyard...or at least pull out all the dead trees and shrubs!
22. Have family pictures taken
23. Sell 100 items on Etsy (Closed my Etsy shop...so nope!) Get a new front door. Mine is ugly.
24. Learn new make-up techniques
25. Buy an expensive purse
26. Take a 2 week vacation
27. Have a boudoir picture session
28. Learn another language
29. Buy a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's
30. Be happy and comfortable!
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