Happy Nurse's Week!

I have been a nurse since 2006. It's not easy. The majority of my career has been spent in the emergency room and I have loved every minute of it. Every day is different. Some days you see a life saved, some days you see a life end. It's very stressful, but is also a very rewarding profession. I don't talk about my job very much on here, and that's on purpose. This is my escape from the realities of everyday life. 

Here's a couple of posts I have done about my life as a nurse: Notes on Nursing at sweet silver lining, Tales from the ER at LaLaLists and Day #89.2: Vulnerable.

I'm no longer in the nursing trenches- my days of 12 hour shifts, working on my feet all day in the trauma rooms, going hours without food and bathroom breaks are behind me- at this stage in my life anyways. I'm not sure if I will ever return to the front lines of emergency nursing because who knows where my career will take me. I definitely would work the floor again. Currently, I sit in the background working as an education specialist, which has rewards that are much different than than before. I get to help new staff start their ER career and guide them through until they either move up or move on. It's very rewarding to watch them grow! Of course, there's always those difficult conversations when someone doesn't quite make it in the department. Fortunately, those are fewer and far between. Anyways, to all my fellow nurse's and murse's out there- Happy Nurse's Week!

Are any of my readers nurse's or nursing assistants? If so, give me a shout and I will advertise your blog on my sidebar and give you a shout-out in a blog post! 

Anna from The Days When I'm Not a Nurse blog has a list of great nurse's week deals and great giveaways this week! Check her blog out here.

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