Gee wiz, it's been how long?!

Holy cow. I can't believe I haven't written ANYTHING since July 8th. Yikes. Am I a slacker? That's probably not the right word. Too busy? I don't want to say that either. Really there is not a good excuse why I am haven't written, I guess I just...haven't. When I logged into check on my blog, it felt like it only been a couple weeks...not a couple months. Man, how times flies by!!

I suppose a life update is in order. Well, I went strong on the diet for several weeks. I derailed slightly, not sure why exactly- life became busy, work became busy and I just slowed down. I definitely need to find my way back on the work-out train. It's a hard path to stay on, especially when there's so much going on. I lost almost 20lbs, and have managed to keep off most of that but still have a LONG way to go. I am still trucking along in school, hoping to have my Master's degree by December 2015. 

Bob was accepted into the nursing program, starting January 2015. This is a very exciting time for him, and most likely very stressful! I remember nursing school and it was NOT a pleasant experience, however very worth it in the end. I am sure I will be venting on here quite a bit from January 2015 until he graduates in April 2016. Stay tuned...

I have been working like crazy. I applied for a management job, which I did not get, however it has opened new learning opportunities for me, which is great. I have also been picking up extra hours "on the floor"which means, I am out of the office and taking care of patients again, which is a nice change of pace. I love doing the behind the scenes work, but I think it helps me as an educator to be out and about with the staff and patients too. It keeps my skills and perspective fresh. The overtime has helped us get caught up and we are a little less broke...but no less big and beautiful!! Thanks for sticking with me faithful friends, I hope to post more soon...in one week I will have a whole month off from school! YAY!

In closing, here's some pictures from the past couple months...just a little update on the family:

All the fur babies are doing well including those not pictured: Dude (Butterscotch), Miggy and Prince

The kids are still silly...

And last, here we are!! Still smiling after some super sucky bowling scores.

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  1. Welcome back! And congrats on the 20 lbs- that's fantastic! To lose it and keep it off for 6+ months means you shifted habits and made a change that will stick. Better to lose a little at a time and have it stay off, so YAY!
    Congrats to Bob and best of luck to both of you with the challenges ahead. Sounds like good things are afoot!


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