A Tribute to Prince

We lost one of our fur babies yesterday. Our ferret, Prince, passed away peacefully in Bob's arms. He was 5 years old, which is pretty old for a ferret. A couple of weeks ago, we picked him up and found that he was very thin and wasn't his normal spunky self. I took him to the vet and was told he had insulinoma, which is a tumor on the pancreas which causes low blood sugar due to having too much insulin. I took him home and had to give him prednisone every 4 hours, administer subcutaneous fluids (fluids under the skin), and syringe feed him every 4 hours. After a couple of days, he was acting normal again. 

This lasted about a week. He stopped eating and wasn't acting normal again despite the medications. Thursday morning I noticed he was urinating on himself. I tried to give him syrup to bring his blood sugar back up, but it didn't help. He then began having bloody stools with clots. At this point, we knew Prince didn't have much longer with us.

He was a sweet little guy and I am sad he was only with us for a few years. I feel bad for Miggy as they were inseparable. It is often said that when one ferret dies, the other will become so depressed that it will die also. My poor boys.

Prince (white ferret) playing with his brother, Miggy 

Me, with Prince and Miggy, the first day we had them home

Bob with Prince and Miggy

Prince with his ball; this was only Prince's ball, no one else could touch it!

Abbey playing with Prince
RIP My little Prince...
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