This is real.

When I began blogging I did it as a stress reliever to cope with rough times. I started following other bloggers and I tried to join in this vast internet community. But after awhile it became too much. I got sick of trying to portray a perfect life, in a clean house, where all attempts at cooking and crafts turned out perfect. Well, guess what? That isn't real life.

It is hard to keep up with everyone. Ninety percent of the bloggers I followed always looked nice in their pictures having perfect hair and wore perfect outfits, their houses were always clean and free of clutter, their recipes produced delicious end products, crafts looked professionally done...at least in pictures. Is that real?

Well, I am about to show you what is real for me and my life.

This is my dining room. My husband throws his clothes on the table, we both leave random clutter thrown about...usually remnants of craft projects. We have 6 bags of pop bottles to take back. I still have Christmas decorations up in my china cabinet. 

This is real.

In my family room (pictured above) there are random papers laying around, I have animals that shed and cause fur tumbleweeds to roll around, there's clutter everywhere, homework and papers and...stuff.

This...is real.

This is my kitchen. There's dirty dishes in the sink. There's random crap everywhere. And guess what? This is real life. Real life is busy and I don't always have time to clean. I am in school. I work full time. And sometimes, I don't want to spend my days off putting away every little thing that is laying around. I wish I was that person who puts everything away everyday but...I'm not. My yard is a mess. The house needs quite a bit of fixing up. But I don't have the money to do it right now. My crafts don't always turn out perfect every time. I don't do my hair every day. I don't even put make up on every day. This is real life. This is me. And this is happiness.

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  1. lol - we renovated our house two years ago and moved in about a year and a half ago... I've been wanting to do some "before and afters" but have been waiting until I get everything "pulled together" haha! Soo I completely understand where you're coming from ;) And maybe this summer I'll actually get some after pictures lol

  2. I've been kind of struggling with the same thing lately. It was extremely refreshing to read this post, see your pictures, and be able to know that others are going through life the same way I am. It is so easy to get caught up in people's "perfect" lives and wonder why mine isn't the same. Thank you for this post. I may consider doing one similar!


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