The psych evaluation that almost made me crazy.

Yesterday I went for my psychological evaluation, which is required by my insurance company for approval for weight loss surgery. I promise I'm not crazy. At least, I don't think I am...

Anyways, the experience was sub-par to say the least. First, I called to set this appointment up back in June when I first learned that it was a requirement. I gave my information to the receptionist over the phone and was told that the doctor would call me to set up the appointment. Weeks later, I still had heard nothing. So, I called back. I was told that they were still working on figuring out my insurance and what would be due the day of the appointment. A day or so later, I received a phone call because they lost all the information that I had given them over the phone previously.

I should have taken this as a sign of things to come.

Finally, they called me and told me that I hadn't met my deductible for the year, so the appointment would cost me around $250. I was told that I had to pay that amount the day of the appointment or they wouldn't send the report to my surgeon. Ok, fair enough. The psychologist finally calls me and we set an appointment for July 29th.

Since I work Monday through Friday, I made the appointment during my lunch hour yesterday. I leave and go to the appointment. I check in at the front desk and the receptionist tells me she has no record that I have an appointment. After shuffling the same papers about 15 times, she tells me the appointment is scheduled in the computer for September 29th. Uhm...no, it was CLEARLY scheduled for July, as I have to have this done ASAP. So, she gives me paperwork to fill out and has me sit down. Twenty minutes later, I walk back up to find out what I am supposed to do (I'm pretty sure she forgot I was even there) - stay or make an appointment for a different day. She calls the doctor and tells me "Yep, you're appointment is for today." Yeah, no crap.

I go back to be interviewed by the psychologist. This takes about 20 minutes. She asks me the usual questions about my support system, why I decided to have surgery, what my ultimate goal and expectations are following surgery, what changes I have made to get ready for my new lifestyle, and questions related to my overall mental health. That was easy...I think I am done at this point, which would have been perfect because I had to get back to work.

I was dead wrong. She tells me I now have to take a test. It is a true and false test. You read statements and you put if the statement is true for you or false. Easy peasy, right? NOT. It was 567 questions. Yeah...FIVE HUNDRED AND FREAKING SIXTY-SEVEN true or false statements. This took FOREVER. The actual name for this is the Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory (MMPI) Test. It s a psychological test that assesses personality traits and psychopathology. It is primarily intended to test people who are suspected of having mental health or other clinical issues...or I am hoping to rule out mental health disorders. 

I am a little nervous. Some questions were weird...like "I am not frightened by blood or the thought of bleeding"...well, this is true. I'm an ER nurse so...blood doesn't bother me. But on this test, I am likely to come across as a psychopath. Plus, by the end or somewhere around question 275, I was losing interest quickly and probably didn't answer accurately. I guess we will see if I turn out to be schizophrenic or something.

So anyways, after I fill out this ridiculously LONG test, I go to check out. The lady says they will send me a bill, which contradicts everything I was told before. So, I tell her what I was told about needing to pay today so the report can be sent to my surgeon. She blinks at me for what seems like forever and calls someone. She tells me I owe $450. $450 to fill out 567 true/false statements? NOT happening. After arguing for a few minutes she tells me they will look into it and call me. I tell her they better send that report over to my surgeon ASAP, since they have been yanking me around all afternoon.

If this is what the mental health system is like, then I am not surprised people are nuts. 

End Psych Eval.  And another hoop jumpeth through.
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