Yikes. It's been a hot minute since I updated. 

Back in September, I had my EGD, which is a scope that went down my esophagus and looked at my stomach. This is a standard test prior to having gastric bypass. The surgeon looked for ulcers, strictures or any other problems that he wouldn't want to encounter during surgery. Fortunately, the test went well and everything came back normal. I had some mild inflammation, which he said isn't a huge deal.

The final two tests included an EKG and a chest x-ray, which are done. I have my 6-month appointment with the surgeon next Tuesday and then all the paperwork can be submitted to insurance for approval. Once approved, I will have a surgery date. He said we can definitely get this done by the end of the year - eeeeeek! I am nervous and excited. What a crazy ride this has been so far...I can't imagine what the next phase will be like. I will keep you all posted...

And no, I haven't started drinking diet coke again. But I do still miss it.

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