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Well, it's been about 3 weeks since the big surgery. The first couple of weeks, I was feeling pretty sore, especially on my left side. Bending and twisting has been especially difficult. My biggest battle is getting my 60 grams of protein in. It is very difficult because I am soooooo full after one shake, which is only 30 grams.
This has definitely been an interesting experience. It is very exciting to be given a second chance at eating. It sounds weird to say but it really is a second chance. You have to relearn how to eat and learn how to look at food differently than you did before. It's very exciting, yet very challenging. Some foods sit absolutely fine, some foods make me nauseated and some foods run straight through - if you catch my drift. There are some days when a fart can NOT be trusted. 

My only real set-backs have been some muscle strains and pain. I have pushed some limits too soon and I think I might have torn or strained some of my abdominal muscles. Even actions like sneezing or coughing, cause severe pain and burning under some of my incisions. 

The month of December has been busy and overwhelming at times. The week after my surgery, Bob had his final exams and completed his second to last nursing school semester - only one more to go! The next week, his dad was admitted and we found out that he would need to have open heart surgery after the first of the year. Needless to say, we are ending a busy and decent year on a sour note. Luckily, his dad was able to come home for the holidays and has been doing well. 

More updates soon...

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  1. I was thinking about your blog today ...Glad you are doing ok,,,,Thanks for the updates,,also hope your family will be better in the new year...


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