2015 Reflection

2016. Where the hell did 2015 go?! I know it's four days in, however, I never did write an obligatory "New Years Eve Post". Overall, 2015 was a good year. 

2015 brought many challenges, emotional decisions and a lot of fun. I never thought at the beginning of the year that I would make the decision to have weight loss surgery. At the beginning of the year, I was planning for my husband to start his nursing clinicals and I was entering my final year of my master's program. I was also preparing to go to Florida to spend time with my aunt, brother and husband and the Detroit Tigers (spring training!!!!). 

2015 took me to Phoenix, Arizona for a geriatric trauma conference. I climbed into a "Hole in Rock" while at my highest weight of 310 pounds. It makes me now wonder, what can I do, once I have lost weight? Only time will tell. At the conference I got to spend time with a great friend. It was a work trip, but it was fun!

2015 also took me to Florida. Wisconsin (another work trip, also a great time with some great people!). The upper peninsula for a fun getaway with my husband. We got to spend an awesome night in the Grand Hotel, a once in a lifetime experience!

2015 taught me a lot about myself, nutrition, and becoming healthier. I kicked my 15 year habit of drinking Diet Coke. I had my first major surgery. I witnessed my best friend getting married. 

And, I graduated from school! One of my lifetime goals was to have a master's degree. Check!

The thing to remember is that every year will bring happiness and struggles. It is how you deal with those struggles that help you grow. Was 2015 perfect? No. We struggled to make ends meat, with Bob in school full-time and working less. We had family members have health scares. Friends with health scares. 365 days will never all be happy and perfect. There will fights, tears, laughter, smiles, etc. 

So, was 2015 was a good year? Yes. 

I hope that 2016 is just as good, or better!

Happy new year to you all! I am excited to continue my health journey with you on this blog!

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