Post-Op: Week 5 update

Well, it's been 5 weeks since I had the gastric bypass surgery. As I have stated before, it has truly been a learning experience. When the dietician tells you before surgery that it will be hard to get in 60 grams of protein AND 64 ounces of water, she wasn't lying. However, when you stomach is a giant stretched out football, the prospect of eating protein and drinking water doesn't seem all that difficult because your able to fit in 60 grams of protein, 64 ounces of water and other greasy, sugary foods as well.

After surgery, however, this is a tough task. I am lucky to get in the protein and water. I feel uncomfortably full after about 1/4-1/2 cup of food. And water, I can only sip, which means I have to sip all day long. Plus, the biggest struggle -  I have to stop drinking 30-60 minutes before meals and 30-60 after meals.

The struggle is real. 

I think what has been the most amazing thing is how much I can eat. Or how little, rather...It's very different because my head still wants to finish that meal. When I feel full I have little "tells"...I either get chest pain, hiccup or my nose starts to run. If one of these 3 things happens, I have to tell myself to stop. Otherwise, food can get stuck. I also have to chew everything into a paste consistency...or food will get stuck. I also have to eat SLOW. I have had a couple of meals now, where I ate too fast and it caused extreme discomfort and I threw up. 

Below, are some examples of how much I can eat...before surgery, I could eat everything on my plate and then some. 

I have not had caffeine or sweets since November 28th. I have not had any fast food in weeks. The control I feel right now feels good, and I hope as I continue on this journey, that I remember this feeling.

Back to work next week and time to start exercising!

Surgery 12/8/2015
Highest weight (HW): 310 lbs
Surgery Weight (SW): 290 lbs
Current Weight (CW): 265.5 lbs
Goal Weight (GW): 175 lbs (first goal)
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  1. Wow, you're doing great! At the rate you're going you'll reach your goal for sure! It's so crazy to me the things that modern medicine can do today to help with so many things.


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