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So, I was catching up with some TV shows on Hulu. One of them being The Bachelor. Now, I used to watch this show religiously. Then I stopped because it was stupid. Then I watched Bachelor in Paradise and I really liked Nick, the new Bachelor. Soooo, I decided to tune in. 

What. in. the. F. I now remember HATING the first episode. The girls act like assholes. I am sorry, I realize that they need to make an impression right away, but act normal. Don't be slutty. One girl dressed in a shark costume (though claimed the entire time she was dolphin and continuously made "dolphin" noises). Another girl made some dumb joke, "What do girls with panties on say? I wouldn't know". Uhm, gross. And slutty. One girl came in on a camel and said "I hear you like to hump." And another gave him a beard massage. 

Another girl gave him a book with an uncooked hotdog in it and said "You're a weiner in my book". As if that wasn't bad enough, she asked him to "Lady and the Tramp" that hotdog. If I was him, I would be like "Okay, thank you for being unique but please get back in the limo, cause I've seen enough."

All of these interactions just feel awkward. Like, I felt uncomfortable just watching. Did I stop watching though? Of course not, and I then I proceeded to watch the second episode. 

After this I got on Facebook and had 35 notifications...because I'm in 124903754348074 LuLaRoe groups. And I need to probably not to be because I want to buy everything. I can't help but go through the albums. And before you know it, I have typed sold 10 times and I have invoices before I can change my mind. #Addicted

Okay, enough random for today.

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