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Whoa buddy, I suck at blogging. I haven't signed in since my last post, which means for 5+ months, I didn't realize that I spelled coffee wrong in the title of my last post (I put Coffe Bar...it's fixed now, so don't look).

Sooo, what's new, guys?! Not too much here. Just living life as a night-shifter in the ICU, while still occasionally moon-lighting as an ER nurse and a Lula "fashion consultant". It's fun but the night life has taken a toll on my weight a bit. I have gained around 5-10lbs depending on what day I weigh myself. Y'all know my weight loss journey has been an ongoing struggle so it's time to make changes NOW. I got a new gym membership - I figured why not? Planet Fitness was offering a deal, it's open 24/7 and it's 1 mile from my house. No excuses right? 

I am still selling LuLaRoe too, which is super fun! The only problem? Leggings grow with you. Comfortable...but makes you forget that you can't eat all the cookies. Or all the cakes. Or all the nuggs (Damn you, McDonalds...20 piece for $5...why get 10 nuggs for $4.59 when you can get 10 more for a mere $5???? WHY, MCDONALDS, WHY???). Sometimes...you just want all the nuggs. And leggings accommodate 20 piece nuggs. Jeans, however, are not so forgiving. So, 4 piece nuggs it is.

That's about all the news here...I will *try* to post more. I mean, I get a bug up my butt every few months but I honestly kind of ran out of things to blog about. I suck at doing projects and cooking and taking OOTD pictures. Honestly, I get exhausted trying to keep up with all the other bloggers who make it look like their life is perfect. Perfectly decorated house. House that's always clean. Hair that's always done. Cute outfits all the time. Cooks like Martha Stewart. Does this exhaust anyone else? 

So...here we go again friends...bloggity blog. Maybe in 2018 I will do the whole 365 day post thing again.


Here I am...unwashed hair, chipped nail polish and all...unlike most bloggers, I don't have my shit together all the time. Meh...

Until next time,

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  1. So glad to hear from you,,,you seem to be doing well !!! Thanks for the update ...


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