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  1. I am in nursing school. I started weighing 196 (the lowest I had weighed in a while), I worked my ass off the summer before to lose 40 lbs. I gained all of it back and more. In May 2013 I was my heaviest at 256/257, and I could not live with myself. I literally wanted to kill myself. But instead, I threw myself into exercise. I lost 35 lbs over the summer and have only lost about 3-4 since school started almost a month ago, but I have not gained! I just started TurboFire and LOVE it. It kicks my butt, but I feel like I am getting every second of my time's worth. Before I graduate December 12th I would like to be at my pre-nursing weight of 196. I hope you reach your goals and find your motivation. I will continue to follow your blog. Good Luck to you! Try turbo fire, it works. My friend has been doing it for two months and has lost 21 inches and 22 pounds!


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